Kick Start Your Runs with These Boredom Busters

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Running Bare: Getting Down to Basics

Fun Running On The Shore
Barefoot running has become an increasingly popular trend in the running world. While you may be skeptical of its grassroots origins, there are some very real benefits to going bare.

  1. Focus on technique

The point of running barefoot is to get back to running basics. The trick is to focus on technique. In this way, you will not only avoid hurting your feet (one of the main reasons given for not running barefoot), but your running will improve too.

  1. Natural

As you get back to basics, you will connect with the natural runner in you. Shoes are a manmade invention; barefoot advocates praise the act of running as nature intended—barefoot.

  1. Prevent Injuries

Running in the wrong shoes can cause numerous injuries. Because barefoot running focuses on proper technique (and is not hindered by shoes), it actually helps runners avoid and prevent injuries.

Safety First

Chances are, if you aren’t safe, you probably aren’t having much fun. The first step to making running a fun activity is to focus on your safety first. When you take care of yourself and make smart running choices, you will be safer and happier as you log those miles.

A great way to avoid danger is through the age-old buddy system. It may sound silly, but folks, it works! Besides, running with a partner is a great way to add some fun to your run. Two birds people, two birds.

The danger increases when you run at night. This is for a few reasons. First, you are less visible to others, making running on the road less safe. Second, because you are less visible to traffic, it will be more difficult to call for help if you are caught in a dangerous situation; it is also harder for you to see potential dangers you may be running into. Play it smart and run in daylight.

Even if it’s a new route, planning ahead is a good way to stay out of danger. You don’t want to get caught lost in bad weather or far from home; you especially don’t want to get lost in the wrong neighborhood. Knowing your route ahead of time guards against potentially dangerous situations.

Avoid wearing headphones and blasting your music. This makes you less aware of your surroundings, including traffic hazards and ill-meaning people. When all your senses are available, you are more alert to danger and able to keep yourself safe.

This is a simple one. When you run against traffic, you position yourself to be aware of the road and can navigate potential hazards. If you run with the traffic and are caught on a blind corner, a car speeding around may not see you in time to give you room, and you won’t see it coming (especially if you have headphones in!). But if you are running against traffic, you can move to the side when you see the on-coming danger.